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Я вас боюсь!

Пришло письмо с адреса: The White House <info@messages.whitehouse.gov>
Откуда у них моё мыло?
И зачем мне знать то, что они мне прислали?

Less than a cable bill
It's no secret that the health care website hasn't worked as well as it's supposed to. But Obamacare is giving millions of Americans across the country access to quality, affordable coverage for the first time.
Today there's some great news from a Department of Health and Human Services report: Nearly half of single, uninsured Americans between 18 and 34 will be able to get health coverage for $50 a month or less.
$50 or less. That's less than a cell phone bill. It's less than a cable bill. And it means that young Americans who want coverage will be able to afford it.
Deputy Senior Advisor David Simas sat down to talk about the news -- and why it's so important that more Americans are getting the coverage they need, at a price they can afford.
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